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Lions Athletics and Activities
We are proud to have over 74% participation in grades 5-12 throughout our 25 high school sport offerings and 7 middle school sport offerings. 

LCA Rouser

We are the Lions, bold and brave. Legacy Lions, hear our name. We are the Lions, watch us score. Legacy, Legacy, Lions “ROAR”! Marching to vict’ry proud and true. Courageous and mighty, “Orange and Blue”. We are the Lions, we’ll endure L-E-G-A-C-Y Hear the Lions roar…”ROAR”!

LCA Chant

We are the Lions (stomp-stomp-clap), We are the Lions (stomp-stomp-clap), We are the Lions (stomp-stomp-clap), Watch us score, yell for more!

We are the Lions (stomp-stomp-clap), We are the Lions (stomp-stomp-clap), We are the Lions (stomp-stomp-clap), Watch us score, hear us ROAR!

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